Friday, August 19, 2011

learning self-compassion

I purchased a new book called The Self-Compassion Diet by Jean Fain. I haven't gotten very far into it yet but so far it's wonderful. I'm learning a lot about being kind to myself and not beating myself up over every little failure. I highly recommend it and I'll let you know more about what I learn from it.

I've been running every day this week. Trying to get back into it after a long break and trying not to be lazy. I even got Cory and Nicole to come with me. Nicole and I are running a 5k tomorrow and we'll see how prepared we ended up being.

I've also been counting my calories and keeping a food journal. I'm not trying super hard to avoid certain foods but I'm trying to limit the amount that I eat each day and I feel really good about it. I wouldn't say that I'm a super unhealthy eater to begin with. Sure I like cheese and creamy things but I'm not really into heavily processed foods and I love fruits and vegetables. My problem in the past has been limiting the amount of food I eat and especially limiting the amount of heavier foods I eat. I'm still going to eat my lovely homemade macaroni and cheese or my fried rice that I rock at making, I'm just not going to eat as much as I have and I'm going to be a mindful eater.

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