Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Okay, here we go.

Remember how my mom has lost over 80 pounds in the last year or so. Well, the way she did that was with a really great program, for which she is now a registered health coach. It's a meal replacement program that is safe and healthy and allows for rapid weightloss (about 2 to 5 pounds a week). I did it last spring right after I had my miscarriage and lost about 15 pounds in 4 weeks. I felt really good about myself, but I did not like the food. It's all soy-protein based, and I'm rather a foodie, so I had a really hard time eating this gritty stuff. Well, after graduating and gaining it all back plus another 12 pounds on top of it, I decided about two weeks ago that I needed to start this program again. I've wrapped my brain around the fact that I just won't get to eat the foods I love for a few months, and I'm okay with that. I know this program works, and I've got my mom helping me through it. I've been on the program for a week and I've already lost 4 pounds. My goal is to lose another 36 before my 24th birthday on March 5th, and I think I've got a pretty good shot at it.

My mom encouraged me to start a journal while on this program, and since I already had this blog (that I hadn't been doing much with), I thought I would use it for that purpose. I'm still working on the loving myself part, but I'm also going to discuss how I'm doing on the program and keep track of my progress.

If you would like more information about the program you can visit my mom's website. When you fill out your contact information it goes directly to her and she contacts you personally. Take a look at her before and after picture in the sidebar. Doesn't she look great!?!

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  1. Awesome! You can do it... Patty is a great coach. And this program really does work! I lost 85lbs so far and I am almost at my goal weight. Keep it up... it will be so worth it!
    Lindsey Wente